About Me

Hey, welcome to my blog! My name is Will Liu. I love food. I do a lot of cooking, I watch a lot of food/cooking shows, and I love discovering new restaurants. By no means am I any sort of food expert, in fact, I’m quite the amateur. So you might ask, Will, if you aren’t a chef or a food critic, and there are already a million more legitimate publications out there writing about food– why the hell are you doing it?

Good question! Well, the first reason why I’m doing this is just for fun. I figured this blog would be a fun personal project and a great way for me to keep track of the restaurants I eat at. The other reason is that I hope my opinions can be of some use to you. These days there are a ton of ways to discover new restaurants, but for some reason, it’s getting harder and harder to trust the information you find. The stars and reviews on Yelp are starting to mean less and less, food publications like Thrillist are starting to feel like they are just churning out content for clicks, and the most legitimate food critics aren’t always eating at the same types of restaurants you and I do. To sum it up, I want to be the internet version of the friend who you can always trust for a good recommendation.

I’ll be reviewing restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I’m a 23 year old and making a very average amount of money, so I probably won’t be reviewing a lot of fancy schmancy places. It’ll mostly be places under $30, and I like pretty much every cuisine out there. That being said, I tend to gravitate towards Asian food and hole-in-the-walls.

This site is mostly meant for restaurant reviews, but I’m also planning on using it as a place to log my thoughts on other food-related things such as meal-kit delivery services, food shows, or recipes that I’ve tried out online. You’ll find most of that stuff in the “other stuff” tab.

Thanks for stopping by!

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