About me

I’m Will, currently 24 years old and living in New York City. I write restaurant, food-related app, and product reviews, as well as city guides, I mean, I try to at least. I like pretty much every kind of food out there, but I definitely lean heavily towards Asian food. Three quarters of my meals are probably some sort of Asian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good slice.

When I first started the blog, I had the intention of writing a bunch of reviews about everything (good and bad), but it turns out that writing posts is a lengthy process. Since most of my time is consumed by my day job, I don’t want to spend my time writing about shit I don’t like. I’m not hoping for this blog to become The Infatuation or the NYT Restaurants column, this is just a place for me to share my thoughts and opinions about the restaurants and products that I love.

I moved to NYC with my girlfriend, Ashley, in 2019. She’s on the other side of the table in almost all of these restaurant reviews. She also helps me write and edit all these posts. I know, she’s amazing.

Thanks for stopping by!