Vite Ramen Review: I really wanted to like it

What is Vite Ramen?

Vite Ramen is the newest nutritionally complete convenience food to hit the market, akin to Soylent, Plenny Shake, Huel, etc. But rather than yet another shake, Tim and Tom (the sibling co-founders) have been reinventing instant noodles.

Each packet of ramen is 500 calories and contains 25% of all your daily micro and macronutrients. Vite Ramen comes in three flavors: Mushroom, Soy chicken, and Garlic Pork. The noodles are baked instead of being deep fried, and they last on the shelf for nine months without any preservatives.

Why did I buy Vite Ramen?

I’ve been following the Vite Ramen story since they first appeared in the Soylent subreddit, and have been silently rooting for them. It’s really cool to watch a product go from inception, to successful Kickstarter, all the way to showing up in my Instagram ads. I’ve been excited try it and write this Vite Ramen review!

I think Vite Ramen is a great idea. Usually, if I don’t have the time or energy to make real food, my options are fast food, microwavable food, instant noodles, or Soylent. Most of the options are very unhealthy and make me feel like crap, and often times in those situations I’d much rather have something warm and delicious rather than a bottle of Soylent. That’s where Vite Ramen fits in: the days where you need something low effort, comforting, and somewhat healthy. It’s a great idea!

How much is Vite Ramen?

Vite Ramen is $33.95 (before tax and shipping) for a nine pack, or $3.77 per pack. After shipping, I paid $39.22.

From what I have read on Reddit, Tim and Tom are doing what they can to subsidize shipping for customers. I will say that it’s especially cool how honest and engaging they have been with the Reddit community.

Unboxing Vite Ramen

My first reactions were, 1) Wow, these packets are way bigger than I expected, and 2) I like the packaging. The Vite Ramen packs are considerably larger than a pack of top ramen, almost twice the size maybe. I thought this was a good thing, because the standard ramen packet size is never enough for me.

I didn’t notice any noodle breakage out of the ordinary. The bricks were mostly intact, although I did find them to be a little more crumbly than other noodles. Probably because of the lack of deep frying.

Each pack contain with a noodle brick, noodtrient packet, oil packet, and dried veggie packet.

Making Vite Ramen

Making Vite Ramen is a piece of cake. It’s pretty much the same as any other pack of instant ramen. All you need to do is boil 2.5 cups of water, throw in the noodles, and then add in all of the accompanying packets. Total cook time is ~5 min.

Taste and Texture

The texture actually isn’t bad at all. It’s not the same springy bite you get from regular noodles (which are fried), but I’m impressed given that the noodles are not fried.

There’s not much to love outside of the texture. The taste of the noodles is like what I imagine stale, artificial canned bread to taste like.

The soup bases were awful. They taste sickeningly artificial, almost like drinking ramen flavored medicine. I haven’t been able to stomach more than a few spoonfuls of soup from each of the flavors. This is a problem, given that most of the nutrients are in the soup. If the whole point of Vite ramen is to be a nutritionally complete meal, then it’s pretty important that you are able to eat the whole thing.

Soy Chicken: This one is the better one, out of the two that I tried. Tastes like vitamin soup with a chicken bouillon cube and some soy sauce mixed in.

Mushroom Shio: I saw reddit reviews saying that this was their favorite, but I wasn’t a big fan. It definitely had a savory mushroom taste, but I didn’t really get any shio.

Garlic pork: The other two were so bad that I don’t even have the motivation to try this one. I’ll update this if I end up using it.

Vite Ramen Nutrition Facts


I really wanted to like Vite Ramen, but in its current state, I think it is barely edible. I was actively trying to power through a bowl, and I couldn’t do it. That being said, there are people on Reddit who have said they like it so maybe you will too.

Tim and Tom seem like great guys who have put so much effort into their product, and I really wanted to be able to tell them that they nailed it. But they didn’t, and I have to be honest about that.

I still think Vite Ramen is a great idea. I’m hoping that it will be improved over time, and that someday I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the progress they’ve made and re-write this review. Until then, I won’t be buying it and I don’t think you should either.