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I’ve been using Seated for over a year now and have gotten some really good use out of it. If you live in NYC and eat out or go drinking often, you should definitely check it out. I’m a huge fan of the app so I wanted to share my experience and some things to watch out for. If you’re just here to look for a promo code, mine is WILL322 and it will get you an extra $15 on your first reservation.

So what is Seated?

It’s a restaurant reservation app like Open Table, except you get 10-45% cash back on your bill (in the form of Amazon/other gift cards). I would say the average rewards are around 20%. You make the reservation through the app, dine, pay just like normal, take a picture of your receipt, upload the pic to the app, then Seated gives you rewards that you can redeem for a variety of gift cards. Everything at the restaurant is fair game, including drinks and existing deals put on my the restaurant.

A screenshot of the highest reward restaurants on SeatedSeated app gift cards. Use Seated Promo Code WILL322 for extra rewards.

That sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

Yeah, it does sound too good to be true. But it’s not. You remember how movie pass used to be a thing? That was too good to be true as well and plenty of people were able to take advantage. If you’re living in a city where Seated is available, definitely use it!!

I was skeptical at first, but there’s no way for you to get jipped because you never give Seated any of your payment/personal info (other than your phone number). The only things you have to give Seated are your phone number + pictures of your receipts, and they send you gift card codes.

That being said, there are some caveats to using Seated, and I’ll try to warn you of my experiences and provide some tips around getting the most out of using Seated.

How to get the most out of Seated (and what to avoid!)

  • There are a lot of bad restaurants on Seated, including the ones that have 4+ stars on Yelp. Seated only shows the star rating and not the number of reviews. PLEASE do your research before making a reservation if you’re using Seated to find a restaurant. Even if Seated shows the place has 4.5 stars on Yelp, click through and read the Yelp reviews. I went to a place that had 4.5 stars and it was the worst dinner I’ve had in NYC. Turns out they had ~25 reviews, most of which seemed fake.
  • Stack Seated on top of existing brunch deals/happy hours.
  • Get in the habit of checking Seated even if you have already have a restaurant in mind. There’s always a chance that the restaurant is on Seated. I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars back that I otherwise would not have at restaurants I was going to go to regardless.
  • DRINKING. Use it for drinking!! I’ve used it at Clinton hall, The Lorely beer garden, and the 18th room. It’s like the only way to save money drinking in the city!
  • They will do random promos often, so keep your notifications on because I literally get a $5-10 bonus notification every other day.
  • You can go to the same restaurant over and over. I love Wok Wok in Chinatown and use Seated every time.
  • Before you get excited about seeing a restaurant on Seated, check to see if they have reservations available at the time you want to go. Some restaurants only do lunch, some only do dinner.
  • Hit up their Seated group reservations ([email protected]) if you are planning on booking for 10 people or more. You get an extra $100 for booking on top of the % rewards.

A screenshot of my Seated reservations, showing $68 in extra rewards A screenshot of my Seated reservations, showing $81 in extra rewards. Use Seated referral code WILL322!

Seated Promo Codes

Use Seated promo code WILL322 for an extra $15 on your first reservation. Then use promo codes (click the present icon in the top left corner of the home screen, then click add promo code on the top right) PLUS15, PLUS10, PLUS5. That will get you $55 in extra rewards total, but just know that they aren’t stackable and the smaller bonuses will be used first (which is why you should use PLUS15 before PLUS5!

A screenshot that says "Every time a new Seated user signs up with your referral code, they'll get $15 in rewards"

I’ve also written a more in-depth review of Seated that you can check out here!