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I happened to walk by Donburiya on my way home form a Tom Misch concert. I was tired, thirsty, and hungry, so I was really excited that I just happened to walk by an izakaya. I popped in just after midnight, and it was still fairly busy. Probably 80% full. It wasn’t loud, but there was a lively level of chatter. The kind of place that puts you in the mood for a pint of Sapporo (which are $6 btw).

I was really hyped to see this crazy looking menu written in Japanese (pictured below). Although I didn’t end up ordering from it, it made me think, “yeah this place must be legit”. I had been craving one of those Yoshinoya beef bowls so I went with the closest thing they had on the main menu, the yakiniku don.

donburiya cool menu

At first glance, the meat looked really great. It was pretty saucy, but I could still see just the right amount of fat running through each strip. I was disappointed to find that the meat was actually on the tough side and my jaws were kind of tired by the end of the bowl. It was probably just a little overcooked. That being said, I still ate the whole thing and enjoyed my meal.

donburiya food

The servers were super nice, I got my food fairly quickly, and Donburiya turned out to be one of those no-tip establishments, and not one of the ones that just tack on an automatic 18%. Even though they probably bake in the tip to the menu prices, it’s still a what you see is what you pay kind of situation, and that’s my favorite way to do it. I know that I’d probably end up paying the same amount regardless of which tipping system they use, but it’s just kind of nice to expect to pay the menu price + tip, and leave only paying the menu price.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Donburiya, but the yakiniku don was just okay. I think I’d definitely go back to try some of the other menu items next time I’m in the area, especially since they have plenty of glowing reviews.



253 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019


Garment District

Phone number:

(212) 980-7909

What I Ordered:

Yakiniku don + pint of Sapporo

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Good for:

Late night food and drinks