I would like to preface this review by saying that I don’t drop $80+ on dinner very often. My guess is I probably do it 2-3 times a year, for special occasions. So if you’re looking for a review from a critic with a feel for fine dining, you should probably look elsewhere.

I went to Kyma on a Wednesday night for a holiday dinner with some of my coworkers. We got there around 7 PM, and it was just starting to fill up. I think all of us were impressed by the sexy Mediterranean decor. It just felt really clean, and well, Greek. They even had their own olive oil bottles!

What we ordered:

(Apologies for the lack of pictures, we were having a great time and I didn’t want to ruin the conversations by snapping pics. Thankfully, Rav took some!)

2 bottles of red, 1 bottle of white


Pastitsio spring rolls

Spanakopita x2


Tomato salad x2

Lavraki (Branzino)


Lamb Chops

Every single dish we had was delicious. But as you’d expect for a place like this, the portions were really small and everything was really expensive. The lamb chops were delicious, but they were $48!!! Not worth it. Overall my favorite dish was probably the octopus, but I just have a thing for octopus. We blew over $500 (wine was expensive) and probably could have eaten a lot more had our wallets allowed it.

Overall, I had a great time at Kyma. The atmosphere was great, service was great, and the food was great. However, we ended up spending about $77 per person before tip and I didn’t even leave completely full. That isn’t outrageous considering half our bill was spent on wine, but I do feel like our money could have been better spent elsewhere. Even though I didn’t think it was worth the price, Kyma gets four stars because everything was excellent and it’s just my opinion that it was too expensive.