Sweet Chick

I’m a big chicken and waffles guy, like I get this weird kind of excited every time I hear chicken and waffles in the same sentence. I mean, chicken meets waffle is like this classic controversial love story that not even The Shape of Water can beat. What’s crazy to me is that it is for sure a thing now, so how can people still question the legitimacy of a relationship so pure? If you’ve never had chicken and waffles, please change that. Taste true love.

While I’m always rooting for chicken and waffles, I do think that it’s a dish that HAS to be done really really well. Dry chicken and a shitty waffle is a recipe for deep, deep disappointment. It is fucking bullshit when a brunch place puts chicken and waffles on the menu and then absolutely disrespects it. My advice? Never order the C&W unless the place is known for it. And Sweet Chick? Oh, Sweet Chick is known for it.

The Food

There’s a weekday menu and a weekend menu, and I’ve had the pleasure of trying both. From the weekend menu:

  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Chicken and Waffles with sticky bun (extra $3)
  • Eggs Benny

From the weekday menu:

  • Ricotta Pancakes
  • Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Chicken and Waffles

Let’s start with the chicken. God, it was fucking good. The skin was so crunchy and the meat was so moist, and it was perfectly seasoned all the way through. I actually had to go and pick up some fried chicken last night when I was drafting this part of the review because I got instant cravings just thinking about it. The waffles however, I’m not really a fan of. They weren’t bad by any means, they were just Belgian waffles, and I’d much rather have the denser, flatter, high-quality-eggo type waffles they make at Roscoe’s. The sticky bun waffles weren’t worth the extra $3 either. A plate of the C&W is actually quite a lot of food. I’d recommend getting one order + another entree to share.

Eggs Benny

I don’t think I would have ever tried the eggs benedict if my friends hadn’t ordered it, but I’m really glad they did. If you aren’t feeling fried chicken in the morning, this is the first thing I’d order. It’s a pile of shredded smoked chicken and smoked ham. Plus they come with some amazing home fries.

Ricotta Pancakes (weekday)

These were probably the best pancakes I’ve had in recent years. They were so fluffy and delicious. Usually I get tired of pancakes once I’m done with half the stack, but I probably could have put away another order of these.

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (weekday)

This is a pretty good option when you don’t think you can put down an entire plate of the chicken and waffles. That being said, they use a bigger piece of breast meat for this one so it tends to be a little drier than the chicken you get with the plate. I haven’t tried it yet, but I suspect the catfish sandwich is a better than this one.

The Service

Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t anything special either. Waiters were nice, but busy. One thing I wasn’t a fan of is the way they set their water glasses with the rims down. I know how gross the towels used to wipe tables get, and knowing that that gets on the rim of my water glass gives me the heebie jeebies. Oh and, be aware that the wait during peak hours the wait is usually sometime between 1-2hrs. If you’re planning on going for brunch, you can put your name down on Yelp before you head over to the Bedford area.

The Spot

Sweet chick is located in the heart of Bedford area. Definitely an area with good weekend brunch vibes. Inside, there’s plenty of southern charm and they’ve played great music both times I was there.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

My expectations of Nom Wah were pretty high, considering that they are one of the most famous dim sum spots in the city. There’s always a line out the door, and they even got a 7.8 from the guys over at The Infatuation. So naturally, I could not resist popping in when I walked by and saw there was no line (I had a random Monday off to show my friends around the city). Eh. It was very very average. For most restaurants, average is not such a bad thing to be. But when you’re a dim sum shop with so much history and hype, average becomes bad. Now I know how my mom felt when I got a C- on my high school Chinese test (I’m Chinese).

The Food

We didn’t order a whole lot because we had other dinner plans and just wanted to try the place out. We ordered:

  • Shrimp Dumpling
  • Shrimp Noodle roll
  • Shu mai 
  • Chicken feet
  • Sticky rice with sausage

Everything was just very average. Nothing special. None of it was bad, but nothing stood out either. I don’t think I’d order any of the dishes again, because there’s just better shit out there.

The Service

The service was surprisingly good. Generally my expectation of service in a dim sum place like this is low to nonexistent. Nom Wah doesn’t have the traditional dim sum carts being pushed around, they just do menu-order. I like the carts because I think they’re fun.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think Nom Wah is worth your time. At this point, I’d categorize it under “tourist trap”. Although there’s a lot of history with this place, it just doesn’t live up to the hype. If you’re going to wait over an hour for dim sum, go to Tim Ho Wan.


Banter is another (Australian) cutesy brunch place with a 30-minute wait and an underwhelming menu. Let me just say that most of the negative things I have to say about Banter stem from my brunch expectations, not anything that was “wrong” about Banter. When I go out for brunch, I’m usually after a hearty, pancake-house-esque type meal. Corned beef hash, shrimp and grits, hash browns, and French toast are things that I’m expecting to see on a brunch menu. It’s just really hard for me to get excited about spending $18 on two eggs, bacon, avocado, cheese, and toast (see Banter’s Big Breakfast).

I went to Banter with a couple friends around 11:30 AM on a Sunday, and waited for about 30 minutes. I ordered the fried chicken sandwich, Amita and Nicki ordered the Golden Folded Eggs. The fried chicken sandwich was just OK, but the sweet potato fries were great. It was more of a super thin chicken katsu and less of a thick Chick-fil-A type sandwich. Amita and Nicki both thought the Golden Folded Eggs were good, but felt like it wasn’t really worth it. Which I thought was very fair, given that the only thing they actually cooked were two eggs and some peas. Amita and Nicki were also stoked about drinks they got. “Yeah, to be honest, that was the only thing I was stoked about. After I ate the meal I was still hungry” – Amita.

In short— service was good, portions small, overpriced, and food just OK. If a cutesy SOHO brunch is what you’re after, this place is great. Honestly, this place was fine, and my relationship with the place can be summed up with an “it’s not you, it’s me” line.